Intention XX - Tickets

Payment will be by PayPal or credit card only (click here for why). Prepaid credit cards are available at any corner store and no-balance cards are available through many banks.

Please DO NOT USE EMOJI CHARACTERS when filling out your registration form, or you will get an error message!  This should be fixed soon!

Registration for the full event is now CLOSED, no exceptions!  There is a slight chance that someone might cancel and be selling a ticket, keep an eye on the facebook event and on the intentiontribe email list in the next few days... but that is your only option at this point. 

Tickets for IntentioNight only are still on sale (below) until Dec 27 at noon, this is a FIRM deadline.

Ticket prices include all workshops, accommodation, and meals for the event, and of course the "IntentioNight" party on Dec 30 (there are dance parties EVERY night of Intention, IntentioNight being the biggest one).  Parking is not included in the price anymore, due to limited parking capacity at the camp, please purchase a parking pass (below).  These can be purchased at the time you register, or later if necessary.  We encourage carpooling (there will be a rideshare board up soon) to limit the number of vehicles that need passes.  There will also be a shuttle bus from the Langdale ferry terminal. It is only a 15-20 minute walk from the ferry to the camp.

We ask that people with a high enough income buy the Tier 2 or Tier 3 tickets, so that the Tier 1 tickets can go to those who really need them. This is an honour system, and everyone can choose the price they feel they can best afford (until the lower priced tickets run out.)  Subsidy requests are entered in the registration form, after you have selected your ticket.

Children age 5 and under are admitted free but still must be registered, so please select a ticket for them from the list below.

Ticket sales are refundable only until Dec 6th, and transferrable from Dec 7th - 20th.  Email registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more information.

If you have any problems with the purchase process please email registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org .  Note that the reply may come from a different email address to be sure to check your spam/junkmail/promotions tab if you don't see a prompt reply.

IMPORTANT: the web server where we are currently hosting this website is running nightly batch processes between approximately 1:30 am and 4:30 am PST, so you might find the website is slow to respond during those times.  If that happens, we suggest that you purchase/register at any time of day other than then!