Intention 16.25 "Spring Fling", April 25, 2015

Intention Spring Fling 2015

As Winter comes to a close, let's embrace the spirit of renewal and come together as a community once more.

This is a chance to come out of hibernation, a chance for Intention to launch into action again after a few months spent in introspection and restructuring.


Raghunath Khe
Pyrrha Luna
Beatrix the White
Uncle Willy
Instant Love


When: Saturday April 25th
Doors open at 8:00pm. Lineup officially starts at 9:00.

Where: Sideshow Studios - 15 W 2nd Ave
Cost: 10$ at the door

::Summer Intention::

There will be a signup booth at the event, where you will be able to sign up for Summer Intention pods.

Lets use Spring Fling to start thinking about Intention 16.5, lets get out energy up, and lets work together to build an awesome summer gathering.


This is a co-created event and we're always happy if anyone from the community wants to join in. If you've got a dose of good will, you can connect with awesome people and fun things to do. Volunteering provides a chance to play alongside some pretty magical human beings.

All help is welcome help and this is built by the community. All that's required to be part of it is willingness, and we'll help make it happen from there.

Want to volunteer? Contact Hillary at kaplanhillary at gmail dot com

Interested in organizing? Contact Jon Bean at jonathan.w.bean at gmail dot com

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