INTENTIONIGHT is the peak party experience of our event as we open up the gathering to additional guests for the evening. A great way to include friends and family who can't make it for the 5 days! 

We're thrilled for Daega Sound, Applecat, Medicine Fox, Heidrogen, Aerion, Stargirl, Mazeguider, Beatrix The White, Foggyswoggle, Quean of the Green, Instant Love, slowpoke, and Eelz wit Skillz to be piloting our journeys this INTENTIONIGHT. Plus special opening Partner Dance workshop & set by DJ Eeka. Lighting by Sigma-1 Environments and Visuals by VJs Nuid, Heidrogen & Elfmaster. Pure magic!!!   

Daega Sound 

Daega Sound


Applecat in action


IntentioNight Full Line-Up