Stage design and setup by Shadow Puppet Productions

Shadow Puppet Productions are a group of artists, musicians, and event producers working in Vancouver's underground electronic music scene and the surrounding festival culture. We strive to create a lasting impression on our audience. We create our parties around a theme, to allow for an immersive dance experience. Our DJs are always on the cutting edge of Electronic Dance Culture. Our artists create large scale installation for festivals and events on the west coast. Pieces have been displayed at Bass Coast, Shambhala, Burning Man, Inshala, Burn in the Forest, Entheos and others.


We would like to thank the following artists, for donating their work to help decorate our dancing spaces <3 

Divine Reflection banners by Even Oldridge (St. Even)

St. Even's love of art came relatively late in life with the innocent purchase of a camera.  Fascinated with capturing the details of the world around him, photography grew from a hobby into a passion, and expanded his horizons well beyond his engineering background. With these artistic thoughts taking root, he returned to school and began to explore the convergence between art and engineering.  The art expanded from photography to a self taught form of painting, and eventually to the combination of the two in a portraiture series.  This series is the natural extension of those initial seeds.

Art print banners by Beatrix the White

Marti Boivin (aka Beatrix the White) has been pursuing a career as an artist since 2007. He is a multidisciplinary artist, working in illustration, tattooing, sculpture, fashion design, and installation art work. As an illustrator, he creates highly detailed works of a visionary/surrealist nature.

Art print tapestries by Simon Haiduk

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon Haiduk developed a strong affinity to nature with artistic foundations in visual art and music. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full time endeavour bringing his musical background into the visual realm.  Simon has explored many visual mediums, including animation, often with a strong influence in spiritual themes connected to nature. Currently his primary medium is digital painting. He continues to also produce music, and has released four full length albums since 2002. Within art galleries, festivals, conventions, and online platforms, his work is exhibited globally. He currently works out of his studio in Gibsons, BC, while continuing to explore an ever expanding palette of creative endeavours.

Art print tapestries by Katia Somerville

Katia Somerville is the owner and a tattoo artist at Rainfire Tattoo, in Vancouver BC, Canada. The studio is a calm and peaceful space for clients to get a tattoo.

Our motto is: To inspire growth and transformation throughout the tattoo process by providing a calm and peaceful experience for our clients. We understand the impact we make on other's lives and thus, customer care, expertise, and professionalism is of utmost importance to us. We view tattooing as not simply giving someone a tattoo, but as a practice for changing lives in positive ways.