More Fun


Two of the most fun, memorable and unique experiences at Intention are the Passion Shows!

This is your chance to share your passions with a community of supportive and encouraging witnesses!  Care to share a song? A dance? A theatre performance? Some comedy? We love it all!

There are two shows, one that is kid-friendly... and the later XXX show where anything goes!

Bring anything you might need and sign up for a passion show spot at the gathering.



winter tribal market Kiln

Our Tribal Market will be bustling with unique vendors this year. These artisans will bring one of a kind items, handcrafted goodies, feathery goodness, and costume pieces galore for your purchase. Bring some cash to spend on these wonderful creations.

Winter Intention is different than most festivals, and so is our tribal market.  Our attendance is usually only around 100-150 (allowing for a space that's smaller and more intimate), so we only have the market open for limited hours in respect for vendors' time.  Vendors are usually people who are attending the gathering anyways, rather than attending just to vend.  They pay the same ticket price as other attendees and bring everything they need to set up and display their creations.  There is no additional charge to have a space at the tribal market.

We encourage items that are locally sourced and created (preferably with the artist vending directly) and aren't looking for mass produced items or anything that creates a lot of waste.

If you are planning on attending Winter Intention and would like to sell some of your creations, please send an email to tribalmarket[at]intentiongathering[dot]org letting us know what you would like to bring.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!



Every year, our beloved Celia - Tutu-maker of legend & dancefloor Energizer bunny - brings racks of extra tutus and fun costumes, frills or knick-knacks, and offers them up for her community to share in while at INTENTION. This year, we're making it official and Celia's Tickle Trunk is getting its very own cabin. Are you shy on costumes or need that extra little bit of flash and panache to finish off an outfit?? Check out Celia's Tickle Trunk, because, chances are, she's got you covered!!!