Decor Pod

Part of what makes Intention so magical is the space that is created; visual stimulus to help inspire creativity and expression; comfortable places to help foster connection and love; a place to dance, release, and rejuvenate.  Feel inspired to help with decor, setting up awesome structures or art installations?  Preference given to those who can arrive early.



Bring Your Art, Altar Items and Fabric for your room, lodge and the Community Spaces. This pod takes on decorating the sound stages, altars and shared spaces, and making everything magical and comfortable.


This pod will also collectively plan/organize lights, signage (in conjunction with foundation pod), and other operational and decoration-related stuff for the camp we will be sharing for five days. If you have LED and string lights, please bring them.

Please contact decor[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more ideas on how to contribute or with contributions.