Families are an important & valued part of Intention's culture 

After 20 years, there have been many kids who have grown up as a part of this community. Family Pod are your liaisons for the event -- organizers/parents who share their talents and resources to make this events awesome for kids. The Family Pod leads at this event are Kaia Kent, Dave Praxis and Ofira Roll. 

Families at INTENTION XX

Welcome To The Kids Zone 

Family Pod creates a Kids Zone where children can run around, play games and do arts & crafts. Parents and community members bring ideas and supplies for a variety of activities that happen in the Kids Zone.

Volunteers can sign up with Family Pod to come and play in the Kids Zone, lead a workshop and share their creativity & energy. The Kids Zone is primarily a self-serve area using donated/shared items supplied by members of the community. We ask parents and kids to please take care of the supplies, equipment and their space. Labelling your items make it easier to retrieve later:)

Where do families stay? 

We have a designated Family Lodge that is in a quieter part of the camp. There are 3-4 sets of bunkbeds in each room, central washrooms with showers, and a mini kitchen in the centre (small fridge, sink, and microwave - no stoves). The central area of the lodge is transformed into a small play area. Feel free to bring toys, games, age appropriate craft projects, to share in the Family Lodge. 

Is childcare available during the event? 

No, The Intention Gathering does not provide childcare and parents are legally responsible for their kids at all times. However, people who come to Intention want to support parents, and they can sign up for volunteer timeslots to monitor kids in the family lodge at night. Parents can make agreements to supervise each other's kids so that people can attend workshops, go dance or have a much-needed nap. However, parents must remain accessible in case of emergencies. Please respect this policy and ensure that your kids are supervised to prevent problems.

What about food? 

Meals are provided as part of your ticket, but the meal times and menus may not match with your children's habits. Please bring your own food for kids who are too young to adapt to the meal plan provided for the event (but no nuts whatsoever on premises!). 

Feel free to contact us

If you have ideas for Family Pod or need more information, please email family[at]intentiongathering[dot]org