Spirit and Ritual Pod

A group of people in a circle on a grassy field holding hands.  In the background is a geodesic dome, a tent and lots of trees.

The Spirit and Ritual Pod convenes and creates the Opening and Closing Circles, tends the Ritual Fire, Meditation/Chill Spaces, Altars, the Welcoming Crew and other rituals.

We appreciate that people come to Intention for all sorts of reasons, and with all sorts of practices - spiritual / transformational and otherwise defined. The opening circle is centred around bringing us together as a community, sharing and growing together, and is designed to be all-inclusive and is focused on allowing everyone to meet each other and become familiar with the land and with the Intention community. We strongly encourage all participants to join us. Sometimes there is also a more ceremonial circle for those that want to participate in a spiritual practice, and those are fully optional.

"There is something about ritual that resonates deep in the bone. It is a 'language older than words,' relying not so much on speech as on gestures, rhythms, movements, and emotion. In this sense, ritual addresses something far more primal than language."  - Francis Weller

If you are inspired to contribute to guiding the community to reflect on the invisible forces that shape our experiences, contact us at ritual[at]intentiongathering[dot]org .