Intention Testimonials

What do you love about Intention?

We asked participants who keep coming back to Intention year after year what they love about it.  Here are some of their answers:

I love that it's big enough that there is always something happening and there are new people to meet and get to know, but it's small enough that you see them often enough to get to know people and make connections.  <3 - Lola

Oh my gosh! So many things! ... As a dance lover it's so precious to me to have ... enough space to roll around like a ninja, and enough expressional freedom in the culture to know that I can be a total weirdo on the dance floor and still be loved/accepted/celebrated for who I am.
Having enough time to sink into an event and get to know the people is great too, and eating together and deep/meaningful workshops and rituals helps with that.
Also knowing that it's volunteer-run, if there's something that I want to have at the event, I can just make it happen and there will be support for that! - Draegan

I love that Intention is a Community that accepts and loves you for exactly who you are. I love that there is such a diversity of people and interests that I meet at Intention - yet all are united by the bonds of co-creating Community. I love Intention's' embrace of consent and co-operation. And Intention puts on incredible dance parties! :-) - Mike

I think Intention has a little bit of everything I love: *super* warm & friendly people, beautiful surroundings to walk around in, healthy meals that are cooked & cleaned up for me, great thought-provoking workshops, lots of cozy cuddle puddles, wicked fun dance parties, sweet kidlets to hang out with, being able to participate in the co-creation of the event, space to be quiet & granny-like as needed, & an overall experience of feeling safe & celebrated to be exactly who i am. It's a pretty incredible community to be blessed with! once you try it, there's no turning back!! :) - Kate

Probably, what I love the most about Intention is that it's a tight-knit community. The word community is bandied about a lot in the electronic music scene, but at least as far as Vancouver is concerned, Intention is one of the few places which is the real deal!
It's a safe space, warm and welcoming, and co-created by volunteers for love, to create magical, transformational experiences.
There's nothing quite like it! - Octavian

Finding Intention (6 years ago now!) felt like coming home... being connected to a community of like-minded souls. Before that, although I'd lived in Vancouver for years and had friends, I didn't really feel part of a community. I love how safe it feels at Intention to be myself, express myself. I love how we support each other through peer support. Intention was the space I first began to facilitate workshops and teach yoga, it has allowed me to grow and be supported in sharing my gifts. - Shaina

there are many sometimes distant and beloved friends and acquaintances that I don't often and sometimes rarely see. so having a time to reflect and renew those connections are a much a part of why I like intention, as much as meeting many new people who decided to attend. ... if you make your intentions known, this community will be there in support. - Brian