Location and General Info

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Not far from Robert's Creek on the Sunshine Coast. 

IMPORTANT: the email with location, directions and other important information was sent to all registrants approximately 5pm Wednesday (June 27). If you are registered but did not receive this email, please make sure it isn't in your spam/junkmail, and if not, please email registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org (before 10am Friday) and we will make sure you get a copy.

If you are planning on paying at the gate, please email registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org before 10am Friday to get the location, directions and other info.  If you do not mail before 10am, we MAY get the message, but we cannot guarantee it, as we will be mainly off-grid.

- BC Ferry fares (save on fares with an Experience Card or someone else’s) https://www.bcferries.com/files/fares/pdf_format/BCF_Fares.pdf

- BC Ferry departure, arrival and service notices for Sunshine Coast (be sure to select the correct date just above the schedule) http://www.bcferries.com/schedules/mainland/vasc-current.php

Please note bus and ferry times often change this time of year, so please make sure you are looking at the correct schedule!


Intention works as a community to get everyone and all their stuff to Intention and back. This means people who have cars help where they can if they can manage it, people who need rides arrange them early and everyone communicates about any changes in plans.

If you need a ride or have  a ride to offer, enter the details on the Intention Rideshare spreadsheet HERE!

Please remember to come back & update the sheet once your status changes!


The gathering is very close to being totally accessible by transit (ferry and bus). If you do not have a ride, you can always ship your gear up with a friend, walk on to the ferry, and take transit to the Robert's Creek Store. From there, we have a shuttle that can pick you up at specific times.

Shuttle schedules will be included in an email to registered participants a few days before the event.  There will be four pick-ups on Friday evening and three pickups on Saturday, scheduled to meet the ferries with the highest predicted number of attendees.

(for full Bus schedule see http://bctransit.com/sunshine-coast/schedules-and-maps/route-overview?route=1

Shuttle service back to Roberts Creek for the return trip will be arranged on an as-needed basis, but if you took a shuttle to Intention, you WILL be able to get a shuttle back!


We would like to acknowledge and bring attention to the fact that the land on which we will be gathering is the traditional, unceded  and illegally occupied territory of the Shishá7lh (Sechelt) Nation.  

We have tremendous gratitude for this land and everything that it provides, and invite awareness and consideration of how and why the people of the nation of Canada have access to all of its beauty and abundance.  We always strive to leave no trace and to protect the land where we gather. This requires everyone to take part in this responsibility.

The history of the various Coast Salish tribes here is about 10,000 years old or more. We encourage participants at our gatherings to self-educate about the history of the land we live upon and its original peoples.

Further resources and discussion about understanding our status on Turtle Island and ways of supporting indigenous sovereignty:


This acknowledgement was written with support from Full Moon Medicine in Unceded Coast Salish Territories and former Intention organizer Sobey Wing (Intention 1 to 13).


Camping in/with your vehicle is not possible, you will be sleeping in a tent or other temporary structure that you provide, and dropping your stuff off in the main area but then parking back on the logging road.  If this isn't going to work out for you for some reason, please email info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org and we can discuss it.  There is VERY LIMITED space for RVs/vans for people who MUST camp in them, please contact info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org ASAP to check in with us.  There will be a wagon available to help transport gear from the vehicle drop-off area to the camping areas.

CELL PHONE COVERAGE (if that matters to you)

Cell phone reception at the location is spotty and works better in some areas than others.  If you walk just downhill from the gate then you will be on the network pretty much for sure.  Just do that every couple of hours and you should get all your texts :-)


This site is on a hillside and quite rugged and rough.  All trails are dirt trails and most are fairly uneven.  Currently Intention doesn't provide wheelchair accessible washroom facilities at this site, and the terrain would be very difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. 

We will have a few parking spots reserved closer to the eating, dancing and workshop areas for people who must camp in their vehicles, with preference given to those with mobility issues, but there is still a bit of a walk up a gravel road.  

We would like to make our events as accessible as possible within the limitations of the venue.  If you have any specific needs (i.e. you would require wheelchair accessible washrooms), please email info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org to discuss with our organizers how we might make improvements.