Kitchen Pod

outdoor kitchen at summer intention

One of the things that makes Intention fun and unique and helps create bonds with other participants is that we eat healthy meals together.

Last year we switched from serving a full breakfast and lunch to having self-serve breakfast (cereal, fruit, etc.) and a freshly cooked brunch on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday is self-serve breakfast only.  This is because not many people are up for breakfast.  This seemed to work well, so we will be doing the same this year.

All meals will be vegetarian with vegan options and either gluten-free or with gluten-free options.

Though all meals are planned as gluten-free, they may not meet the standards required for celiacs or people with severe intolerances. If you have any questions, please contact kitchen[at]intentiongathering[dot]org .
There will be a separate kitchen space available for anyone with special dietary requirements, and anyone that wants to bring and cook their own food and meat.

IMPORTANT: there will be a small selection of teas, but COFFEE is considered a "treat" / "personal item" and is NOT included in the budget!  If you are a big coffee fan, we suggest that you bring some of your favorite beans (already ground, unless you have a battery-powered grinder), and team up with the other coffee fiends and make some at every meal, or whenever you need it.  You won't be alone :-)

Please feel free to bring your own scrumptious food, snacks, drinks and desserts.  Remember to bring as much water as you will need for the weekend and any juices or other beverages.

Bring a cup, bowl, plate and personal cutlery.  We will have a dishwashing station for you to wash them after meals.  There will likely be some dishes there for people who can't bring any, but we won't know in advance how many.

DO NOT bring ANISE/FENNEL/LICORICE: one of our attendees has a life-threatening allergy and cannot be in the vicinity of these items.  They are commonly in Fisherman's Friends, Chai Tea, Other Teas, Curries, mixed spices.

There's a lot of opportunity to help out with preparation, cooking, and cleaning for our shared meals.  It will be fun and rewarding!

We are specifically looking for volunteers to take on planning and supervising one meal during the event.  These leaders should be responsible, good communicators, familiar with cooking, able to follow a recipe, and good at giving direction to other volunteers to ensure tasks are completed.  If you feel you could serve the community in this way, please email kitchen[at]intentiongathering[dot]org to let us know!