Working and creating together form our community bonds.  We get to know each other, create memories and connect to the event and the community in a way that wouldn't be possible at an event where everything is provided. 

It is very important that everyone sign up for and work a shift. Intention is community driven, and based on the principle of co-creation. Everyone who is interested in getting involved with organizing is welcome to do so, and we ask that everyone attending contribute some time at the event to making the gathering happen.  In this way, we all work together to make Intention happen, and the end result is a more fulfilling, magical experience.

There are tasks to suit everyone.  If you are concerned you are not able to contribute for some reason, please contact us at info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org and we will work together to find a solution.

Since Intention is co-created, even the central organizers who do heavy lifting (literal and figurative) pay for their tickets.  We often get access to first tier tickets, but we've made the decision that contribution is from the heart and we don't incentivize in dollars it the way that many festivals do.  This helps solidify the community feeling of the event, there's no "us and them" of people who organize compared to other participants.

Community responsibilities are organized through several "pods".  Use the menu to explore the different pods and see what calls you to provide your support.

Decor Pod

Family Pod

First-Aid Pod

Gear Pod

Kitchen Pod

Peer Support Pod

Spirit and Ritual Pod

Vibe Tribe Pod

Transport Pod

Gate Pod