Potluck host info

Would you like to host an Intention potluck?  If you can fit 20 or more people in your home, we would love to have you host!

The information you provide in this form will help us organize and communicate about the potluck as well as know your preferences.

Please E-mail: potlucks[at]intentiongathering[dot]org if you need any help or more information.

Host's name
Address where the potluck would be hosted
What date(s) work well for you? Fridays and Sundays seem to work best, or Saturday if music and dancing are part of the event, but other days are possible as well. If possible, please give us at least two options to ensure no conflict with other events.
What's your preferred start and end time for the event?
How many guests do you estimate you can accommodate?
Would attendance be restricted to people who have attended Intention or include others who may be interested?
Can we post information about the potluck on the Intention facebook group (only visible to members) and the Intention facebook page (visible to the public)?
Can we include the address on the event page, or should we send the address to people who have clicked on 'Attending' or 'Interested'?
Would you like us to add you as a host of the event page? This would allow you to edit details of the event and more people would be notified of your posts on the page.
Can the Intention Gathering facebook user invite 200-300 known Intentionites who haven't been invited by others? (Usually only a few show up.)
Should we include any specific directions to find the venue?
Are there any accessibility considerations (e.g. narrow hallways, stairs, unpaved walkways)?
Does the home have any pets or other allergy considerations?
Are there any specific requests or house rules that should be communicated to guests?
Will there be more to this event than a potluck? Dance party? Passion show? Other?
Would you like us to recruit volunteers to help with set-up before the event, clean-up during/after, or some other task?
How many volunteers do you need?
What times do you need volunteers?
Is there anything else we should know?